Mardin-Åmål cooperation continues

Partnership between Mardin Metropolitan Municipality of Turkey and Åmål Municipality of Sweden has taken further steps after elections held during 2014 in both countries. New political management of Mardin paid a visit to Åmål in 10-12 December 2014 to introduce their visions and thoughts for the future, and present municipality’s work with EU funded projects.

Agenda included discussions on areas of improvement and possibilities for local development; presentations on Åmål’s integration and labor department and the unit for work and support; and a study visit at Europe Direct Fyrbodal Office.

Mayors of both municipalities expressed their political support to strengthen EU integration capacities at local level and increase access to EU funding opportunities to foster local economic development in socio-economically less developed regions. As a result, it is decided that Åmål Municipality will provide technical support to Mardin in preparing project proposals, and two municipalities together search possibilities to work on gender equality and social inclusion of youth, within the EU’s overall objectives and thematic priorities.

The visit was also memorable for participants from Turkey as it coincided with traditional Santa Lucia celebrations, the festival of lights, which is believed to provide light during the darkest time of the year in Sweden.

15 December 2014

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