UMT invests on human resources

Union of Municipalities of Turkey, as a rapidly developing union, has been notably increasing the number of staff to serve municipalities more efficiently. UMT desires to become a career organization and an attractive employer with good practices on human resource management (HRM) as an employer as well as a service provider. This makes the development of HRM structure, policies and procedures more essential than ever. Therefore TUSELOG Programme, under its first component, organized a study tour for UMT Secretary General, Head of Personnel Department and Head of International Relations Department to Stockholm on 2-4 February 2015.

Participants received information about HRM practices and policies of Sweden from different aspects, such as management system, legal obligations, recruitment processes, work environment, skills development and salary system. UMT delegation also learned about SALAR’s orientation processes, where new employees are provided with general and specified training programmes, and learn about SALAR’s working principles. The day was also important because it hosted a peer-to-peer senior management meeting between Hayrettin Güngör, UMT Secretary General and Håkan Sörman, Director General of SALAR.

Delegation later visited Sigtuna Municipality to discuss HR economics, value based leadership and the Swedish municipal evaluation tool “Municipal Compass”. Ulla-Marie Hellenberg, Director of Sigtuna Municipality and HR experts welcomed participants and delivered presentations on socio-economic structure of Sigtuna, human resource policies and measures to decrease employee turnover. It was successful for both sides with exchange of knowledge, insights and visions for the future.

6 February 2015

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