The Partners

Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions-SALAR represents all of Sweden’s 290 Municipalities, 18 County Councils and 2 Regions. The Association strives to promote and strengthen local self-government and the development of regional and local democracy.

SKL International provides services on international development cooperation in the field of local and regional democracy for, and on behalf of, SALAR. SALAR and SKL International both support the development of local government associations in EU-integration, neighbourhood and developing countries, through projects financed by Sida and other international development donors.

Union of Municipalities of Turkey-UMT has its legal basis in the Turkish Law on Municipal Unions. All Turkish municipalities are natural members. UMT is constantly following all legal proposals that may have effects on its members and is successful in its lobbying efforts. Despite the large number of members, UMT has strong interaction with its members, providing training and advisory services to local politicians and staff.

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