Institutional and Organisational Capacity of UMT

The Union of Municipalities of Turkey (UMT) has constantly strengthened its capacity to serve its members and has grown significantly in terms of staff, services provided to its members and influence in national decision making process of importance to Turkish municipalities.

The compass for further institutional development is the Strategic Plan that UMT adopted in 2010 and which forms the basis for all TUSELOG interventions.

The activities under this component focus on issues like the strengthening of the political decision making structures of the union -executive board and assembly- and the way these structures interact with the secretariat. Further, the communicative capacity of UMT, highlighted in the Sub-strategy on Communication, is strengthened through training programmes and exchange with the communication department of SALAR.

Under this component, TUSELOG activities so far included;

– Study visit to Stockholm for political and legal staff of UMT to enhance knowledge on committee structures, to study the work of committees and board, the formulation of SALAR positions and how the secretariat prepares and later implements the issues decided upon by the political structure.

– A training on member surveying and a concept for member surveys that will allow UMT to follow to what extent its membership appreciate the work of the Union in different fields of action.

– Report on methods for networking with membership.

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