Lobbying and Service Capacity of UMT

Among duties of Union of Municipalities of Turkey (UMT), which has been working on municipal issues since its establishment, there are representation of municipalities in national and international platforms, protecting interests of municipalities and providing legal opinion on municipal legislations. Being the only Union that represents municipalities nationwide, UMT included in its vision and mission statements the goal for being an organisation which performs independent lobbying activities and delivers service in the field for Turkish Municipalities.

UMT has made significant steps in the area of lobbying and advocacy in the recent years. However, the establishment of effective structures and approaches requires support in the form of exposure and mentoring. Therefore TUSELOG supports UMT -on the way of being a Union who has a voice at national and international platforms about all matters that affect its members- in the following fields; (i) the development of a lobbying model, (ii) specific studies as input to proactive lobbying, (iii) the development of their own research capacity based on both internal and external experts and (iv) the development of institutionalised arenas for exchange between local and central government.

Under this component, TUSELOG activities so far included;

– Study visit to Poland, focusing on systems for intergovernmental consultations to learn from the institutionalized interaction between local and central government.

– Report describing the Polish system and comparing it with intergovernmental consultation practises in Sweden and Turkey.

– Desk study on theory, methodology and international experiences of municipal amalgamation processes.

–  Report on two-tier metropolitan systems in Europe.

–  Round table on the proposal for new and extended metropolitan municipalities in Turkey with participation from UMT, Ministry of Interior and international experts.

–  Mapping of municipal statistics and building of an example database.

–  Report on how SALAR is using statistics for different purposes.

–  Report on how SALAR is working with networks of members.

–  Workshop on financing of the local government sector in Sweden, and a presentation by SALAR expert on the Forum on Financial Management of Local Authorities, organized by UMT, Undersecretariat of Treasury and Hacettepe University.

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