Local Administration Reform

The municipal structure in Turkey is currently undergoing a large reform. TUSELOG Programme provides input to the this process by providing UMT with support from Swedish and international experts. Various studies have been made under this context.

One desk study on theories and methodologies was prepared by Erika Rydergård Hellsing (Report on Municipal Amalgamation.

A desk study on two-tier metropolitan arrangements in Europe was conducted by professors of University of Warsaw, Pawel Swianiewicz and Marta Lackowska-Madurowicz (Report on Two Tier Metropolitan Arrangements in Europe.

One round table on the proposal for new metropolitan municipalities in Turkey was held in June 2012 with participation from UMT, the Ministry of Interior and international experts. Professor Pawel Swianiewicz gave a presentation at this event regarding international experiences of two-tier metropolitan municipalities (Two Tier Metropolitan Structures in Europe_presentation, in English only).

UMT prepared input to this process and presented to the Turkish government. The proposal also touches on issues like the mandates of municipalities and the need for institutionalised consultations between the central government and the local sector. On this matter, a report on safeguarding municipal interests in relation to national decision making processes, providing comparison of Poland, Sweden and Turkey with respect to CEMR Code of Good Practice, was prepared by M. Sinan Özden (Report on Safeguarding Municipal Interests in Relation to National Decision Making Processes.

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