Municipal Capacity Development

While UMT has supported its members through training programmes, it recognises that more can be done to understand their needs, and support them with other specialised training in specific competence areas where Turkish municipalities are now beginning to operate. Part of the activities consists of converting the experiences and products from the earlier Tusenet Project into training programmes managed by UMT. This component aims at developing methods and materials of use for Turkish municipalities.

The training programmes under this component will focus on:
– Solid Waste Management
– Urban Planning
– Local Arena Building

The Solid Waste Management Training aims at giving knowledge and support to municipal staff to prepare and later implement Strategic Waste Management Plans in their municipalities. The activity includes marketing activities, development of materials, training of trainers and implementations of trainings at regional level.

In addition to targeting municipal services, it is expected to develop projects aimed at gender equality, adopting various tools for citizen’s dialogue and participation in decision-making. The programme will also allow for a focus on organisational development of municipalities, in order to develop a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities of Municipalities.

Under this component, TUSELOG activities so far included;

– Analysis of the SALAR methodology for municipal organisational development reviews (Kommunkompassen).

– Workshop on development of a training programme and workplan on solid waste management strategic planning, with participation of UMT-staff, municipal staff of former Tusenet Project pilots, and technical and didactical experts from Sweden.

– Promotion of CEMR Charter for Equality of Women and Men in Local Life through UMT conference with input from Swedish municipalities and through translation of SALAR handbook of implementation of the Charter.

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