Municipal Partnership Networks

UMT and SALAR have good experiences from establishing municipal partnerships through a range of programmes, including Tusenet Project. Lessons from Tusenet and other programmes indicated that partnership building takes time. Furthermore, it is clear that outcomes will be more tangible if the right level of input is provided to the early development of partnership projects. In addition, the expectation and conditions for engagement in partnerships need to be established clearly from the outset.

The first year of TUSELOG Programme was therefore used to develop a clear procedure for the establishment and selection of Municipal Partnership Networks. It was also be used to arrange introductory sessions and training, so that high-quality project proposals could be developed, submitted and evaluated.

When selecting the Partnership Networks, two sets of criteria were used. The first set was related to capacity and clarity in formulating project ideas. The expected quality of the outputs was the centre of these criteria. The second set related to plurality. Criteria secured that a reasonable variation in geography, demography, size and political majority was achieved.

Municipal partnerships developed in accordance with UMT prioritized themes. This process was completed through the following steps:

– Municipal Parterships Conference was organized for Turkish and Swedish municipalities, who wished to join a municipal partnership, for them to identify potantial cooperation areas. As a result of this conference, 5 partnership modules were established, namely Municipal Management, Ecologically Sustainable Urban Development, Social Services, Waste Management and Energy.

– Study visits to Sweden were organized in order to strengthen the partnerships, discuss possible project ideas, share and experience the best practices.

– Municipal Partnership Workshop was held with participation of Turkish and Swedish municipalities, who already established partnerships, for them to concretize their project ideas. Guideline for Municipal Partnerships and Project Proposals Application Form were prepared to support municipalities in the process of writing their project proposals. Project proposals were later submitted to Programme Management’s approval.

Please visit our Municipal Partnerships page for more information on Municipal Partnership Networks.

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