TUSELOG Programme Document:
Tuselog_Programme Proposal_ENG

Unofficial translations of Turkish laws on local governments:
Municipality Law_Law No: 5393
Law on Metropolitan Municipalities_Law No: 5216
Law on Unions of Local Governments_Law No: 5355
Law on Special Provincial Administration_Law No: 5302

Documents and materials produced under TUSELOG components:
Component 1.B: Enhanced UMT Lobbying and Service Capacity
1- Report on Safeguarding Municipal Interests in Relation to National Decision Making Processes
2- Report on Municipal Amalgamation
3- Report on Two Tier Metropolitan Arrangements in Europe
4- Presentation on the Report on Two Tier Metropolitan Structures in Europe
5- Report on the Mapping of Municipal Data Statistics (without annexes)
6- Report on Networks Coordinated by SALAR
7- Report on Indicators and Statistics Used to Enable Comparisons and Improved Services in Municipalities and County Councils

Component 1.C: Strengthened EU Integration Capacity of UMT
1- Book on EU and Local Governments in Turkey (EU and Local Governments in Turkey_Part 1 and EU and Local Governments in Turkey_Part 2)

Component 2.B: Strengthened Capacity in Turkish Municipalities
1- Guidelines for Preparing Strategic Waste Management Plans for Municipalities in Turkey

Tusenet Project Newsletters:
1- Newsletter 1/2007: Intensive launch for cooperation between Sweden and Turkey (Only in English)
2- Newsletter 2/2007: Splendid atmosphere at intensive meetings in Turkey (Only in English)
3- Newsletter 3/2007: Partnership meetings in Sweden_Part 1 and Partnership meetings in Sweden_Part 2 (Only in English)
4- Newsletter 1-2/2008: Tusenet mid-term in implementation (Only in English)
5- Newsletter 2/2009: Focus on outputs in final phase of project_Part 1, Focus on outputs in final phase of project_Part 2 and Focus on outputs in final phase of project_Part 3 (in English and Turkish)

Tusenet Project Products:
1- Results of Environmental Protection, Technical Infrastructure, Water, Waste Water and Solid Waste Management Module of İstanbul Metropolitan, Büyükçekmece, Zeytinburnu and Adalar Municipalities cooperated with Stockholm and Nacka Municipalities (Only in Turkish)
2- Results of Taxes, Charges, Budgeting, Financial Follow-up and Monitoring, as well as Skills and Leadership Development Module of Tepebaşı, Altındağ, Nilüfer, Osmangazi and Yıldırım Municipalities and Umeå Municipality (Only in Turkish)
3- Results of Sustainable Tourism, Triple Helix Cooperation Module of Manisa, Karşıyaka and Bornova Municipalities and Kalmar Municipality (Only in Turkish)
4- Results of Sustainable Social, Economic and Environmental Development Module of Antalya Metropolitan, Muğla, Tarsus Municipalities and Malmö Municipality (Only in Turkish)
5- Results of Town Planning, Land Use, Risk Management Module of Gaziantep Metropolitan, Osmaniye, Şırnak and Midyat Municipalities and Karlstad Municipality: Part 1 and Part 2 (Only in Turkish)
6- Results of Local Economic Development and Growth, Support For Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Employment And Tourism Module of Samsun Metropolitan, Ordu, Amasya and Giresun Municipalities and Kalmar Municipality: Part 1 and Part 2 (Only in Turkish)

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