The details are below for the “Energy Efficiency Measures and Public Awareness Methods” Project of Bornova, Karşıyaka, Zeytinburnu and Büyükçekmece Municipalities (Turkey) and Umeå Municipality (Sweden) to improve municipal capacity to provide service in the area of energy efficiency:

Title of the Project: Energy Efficiency Measures and Public Awareness Methods

Project Partners: Umeå, Bornova, Karşıyaka, Zeytinburnu, Büyükçekmece

Project Duration: 24 months

Project Objectives: The overall objective is to contribute to enhanced local governance in Turkey. The specific objective is improved municipal capacity to provide service in the area of energy efficiency, CO₂– reduction and renewable energy (e.g. through public awareness).

Target group(s): Municipal staff and citizens in participating municipalities.

Final beneficiaries: Municipalities all around Turkey.

Expected results: Increased knowledge and consciousness in the municipalities about energy use and methods to spread the knowledge about the importance of energy efficiency and how to reduce energy use. The long term objective is of course decreased use of energy. The result will be reached through e.g. energy studies, establishing of an Energy Management Unit, construction of a model energy house, training of municipal staff, children in schools and the public, and different kind of visualization activities.

Main activities: Main activities include study visits to Sweden and Turkey and support from Umeå within the following;

–  Energy Efficiency: Implementation of LED Light Bulbs; establishing an Energy Management Unit; creating a proposal form to be distributed to public institutes; performing energy studies.

–  Renewable Energy: Construction of a model energy house; conducting reports about energy use in municipalities; conducting feasibility reports on how to use alternative energy sources.

–  Public Awareness: Training of municipal staff, the public and schoolchildren; creating a carbon footprint survey for a website; visualization activities (e.g. web site, booklets, theatres, media publications).

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