Gender Equality

The details are below for the “Turkish Swedish Gender Equality Network” Project of Ordu, Giresun and Osmangazi Municipalities (Turkey) and Kalmar Municipality (Sweden) to improve the awareness and capacity among municipal staff and politicians on how to deliver gender equal services at the local level:

Title of the Project: Turkish Swedish Gender Equality Network

Project Partners: Kalmar, Ordu, Giresun, Osmangazi

Project Duration: 24 months

Project Objectives: The overall objective of the Project is contributing to enhanced local governance in Turkey. The specific objective is to improve the awareness and capacity among municipal staff and politicians on how to deliver gender equal services at the local level.

Target group(s): Gender equality units, social services department, staff, civil servants, and politicians, human resource departments in Turkish municipalities, and social welfare units, schools, civil servants and NGOs in Kalmar.

Final beneficiaries: Citizens and vulnerable groups.

Expected results and main activities: 

1. To make a political commitment and a plan for the municipality on how to work for a change towards greater equality between men and women.
a. Sign the “European Charter for Equality of Women and Men in Local Life”
b. Develop a local equality action plan which sets out priorities, actions and resources
c. Anchor the action plan internally and externally
d. Pilot implementation of the plan

2. To improve methods on how to  handle cases of domestic and honor based violence.
a. Training of municipal staff.
b. Workshop on cooperation and coordination between local, regional and national actors with responsibilities in the field.
c. Training on honor based violence. Experts from Sweden and Turkey.
d. Prepare information material.

3. To establish, empower and train gender equality units (municipal staff) and gender commissions (municipal politicians)
a. Support in establishing gender units in case they are not already in place.
b. Workshop/briefings with focus on the role mandate and needs of gender units based on the Kalmar experience.
c. Field visit in Kalmar for representatives from gender units and commissions in three Turkish municipalities (Kalmar).
d. Training for staff in Gender units and commission.
e. Coaching of staff in gender unit to make them “drivers” of the process connected to the Charter and the Action plan on gender equality.
f. Prepare information material.

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