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The details are below for the Increasing Awareness about Source Separation of Biodegradables and Recyclables” Project of Burdur, Erzincan, Karaman and Malatya Municipalities (Turkey) and Linköping Municipality (Sweden) to improve municipal capacity to provide services in the area of sustainable waste management:

Title of the Project: Increasing Awareness about Source Separation of Biodegradables and Recyclables

Project Partners: Linköping, Burdur, Erzincan, Karaman, Malatya

Project Duration: 24 months

Project Objectives: The overall objective is to contribute to enhanced local governance in Turkey. The specific objective is improved municipal capacity to provide services in the area of sustainable waste management regarding biodegradables and recyclables in order to develop market conditions for sustainable business activity regarding these waste streams.

Target group(s): The general public and the landfill operators in the participating Turkish municipalities

Final beneficiaries: The target groups above, the participating municipalities, surrounding municipalities and also any involved businesses that choose to venture into the project.

Expected results: Increased level of source sorting in the participating municipalities resulting in a ‘cleaner’ waste stream that provides for business opportunities for recycling companies and landfill gas developers. Further expected deliverables to be analysed during the project.

Main activities: Firstly the increase of awareness regarding source separation of household waste in order to improve the quality of the waste from the point of view of the recycling industry and secondly to influence the way that landfills are managed by promoting the depositing of separated waste streams into isolated cells on the landfill sites, thereby making these waste streams accessible to both recycling industry and energy extraction companies. Alongside these activities, the four involved Turkish municipalities will co-finance the required infrastructure and service to collect and transport these separated waste streams. The municipality of Linköping will supply know-how and seek to attract technology suppliers specialised in extraction of biogas from landfills.

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