The Turkish Swedish Municipal Partnerships Network Project (Tusenet), which started in late 2006 as a four year project and was later extended until March 2011, was a cooperation between Swedish and Turkish municipalities and between the SALAR and UMT. Within the framework of Swedish cooperation efforts to promote closer links with European structures and common values, Tusenet had two important objectives to promote Turkish municipal reform and to build UMT capacity.

At the level of Overall Objectives for the Tusenet Project, the project proposal stated the following:

– To strengthen the continued process of democratisation and respect for human rights, and to promote closer links with European cooperation structures and common values

– To inspire reform of the municipal sector, and development of UMT

Actually, both the overall objectives are twofold, giving the project a wide scope of purposes, that are further developed in the expected results of the project.

In the applications for extensions of the project, a single Overall Objective was formulated:

– The continued process of democratisation and respect for human rights strengthened (Scope: Strengthening of the municipal sector including associations of municipalities in its democratic functioning and service delivery, using the process of EU accession as a tool and at the same time seeing EU-memberships as an end in itself.)


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