Tusenet Municipal Partnership Networks

Within Tusenet Project, six Swedish-Turkish municipal partnership networks were created between 23 Turkish and 6 Swedish municipalities,  – each composed of one Swedish municipality and 3-5 Turkish counterparts. The networks were organised and developed for structured exchange of thematic experience. A seventh network was established between SALAR and UMT, with the stated purpose of the Organisational Development (OD) of UMT.

Municipal partnership networks aimed the following:

– Supporting improvement of local self-governance and local democracy in Turkey
– Capacity building of pilot Turkish municipalities and UMT for them to take active role in EU integration process
– Development of efficient and functional partnerships between Turkish and Swedish municipalities
– Supporting efficient service delivery of local governments


Following the same goals, each module had various working areas:

1- İstanbul Metropolitan, Büyükçekmece, Zeytinburnu and Adalar Municipalities cooperated with Stockholm and Nacka Municipalities on environmental protection, technical infrastructure, water, waste water and solid waste management module,
2- Tepebaşı, Altındağ, Nilüfer, Osmangazi and Yıldırım Municipalities cooperated with Umeå Municipality on taxes, charges, budgeting, financial follow-up and monitoring, as well as skills and leadership development module,
3- Manisa, Karşıyaka and Bornova Municipalities cooperated with Kalmar Municipality on sustainable tourism, triple helix cooperation module,
4- Antalya Metropolitan, Muğla, Tarsus Municipalities cooperated with Malmö Municipality on sustainable social, economic and environmental development module,
5- Gaziantep Metropolitan, Osmaniye, Şırnak and Midyat Municipalities cooperated with Karlstad Municipality on town planning, land use, risk management module,
6- Samsun Metropolitan, Ordu, Amasya and Giresun Municipalities cooperated with Kalmar Municipality on local economic development and growth, support for small and medium-sized enterprises, employment and tourism module.


Detailed information about these partnership modules can be found under the Tusenet Products page on the left menu.

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